General Conditions and rules of sales


1- Generals:

The followings conditions and rules of any sale apply to all products sales within Spain (including Canarias islands and Baleares islands) by our company Natur Bisu. With the C.I.F. Number X337.423W which is in front of the name NaturBisu to all customers. All orders done by to NaturBisu imply a essential title of general conditions that are determent and are imperative. By ordering from the customer is bound by these General conditions of sales, without any reserve rights than NaturBisu grants to all its customers And to any order that the customers do at the day of sale and to further sales Unless new Conditions or rules are given to customers and to orders by NaturBisu. In Any event, NaturBisu does not comply with this rules, it does not mean that NaturBisu relinquishes to its obligations with its customers. Not to the present and no to the future orders. The law applicable and Jurisdiction competent, the interpretation and the execution of all conditions and all acts are rule by the Spanish law. Unless, if there is a disposition of public order against them.


2- Prices:

All prices published by NaturBisu are in the currency of Euros. And they are current except, if there is a typographical error. All products sold by NaturBisu has to pay tax and it is included at the day of the product is purchased. If there is any change about the tax NatureBisu will advise to its customers. All products that are in specials will be shown at the “special department” and if it is not, it will be marked at the product label. On the contrary, all products and prices will take effect as it shown at the screen.


3- Different forms of payment:

The customer can select freely any form of payment as long as we have it as an option in NaturBisu:
- Bank transfers
- Contra rembolso (only in Spain)

- Paypal (bank account, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex)


4- Products:

All sales and products presented at the online store by NaturBisu are valid as long as they are available. NaturBisu reserves the right to make any changes to its products and orders according of the difficulties of its distributors. The pictures, computer art, and descriptions of the products presented in the online store are only for orientation and do not compromise in any form to the vendor NaturBisu.


5- Shipping:

1. All the Products bought at NaturBisu will be shipped to the person and the address indicated in the order or indicated as regester.
2. The invoice will be send by E-mail that the customer has given when register with NaturBisu.
3. Saturdays, Sundays and holydays will not be open. That means that all shipping will not be delivered nor received.
4. Even if the shipment takes a little long to deliver does not imply that the order has been cancel or it will be any compensation for it by NaturBisu.
5. An order is consider deliver as soon as it has reached the door of the recipient who has signature the document of reception to the carrier. Further more, the carrier will verify with the customer name, merchandise for any mistake or any inconvenient at the time of delivered. If the carrier can verify the recipient then the package will be not left.

6. All shipments out of Spain please contact to NaturBisu.

6- Returns and cancellations

6-1 Returns of merchandise:

1.The policy of NaturBisu is that, it grants the right to its customers to return any item bought in our store, during 7 days after the shipment has been received. And even better, you do not have to include any explanations of you returned item.
2.Any item bought in NaturBisu and returned must be in good conditions, its original seal packing. Thus, our company will be glad to take it back. Further more. NaturBisu will be taking 10 days to return your money.
3.It is a must!!! that customers should contact NaturBisu’s customer service department before you send back the returned merchandise.
4.If the cause of the returned is a mistake such as defects or items are no correspondent to the order, then NaturBisu will size all the cost of the shipping and handling (Back and fort).
5.If the cause of the returned is not satisfactory to the taste of the customer then NaturBisu will return the money but customer has to pay for the shipping and handling (Back and fort)

6-2 Cancellations of orders:

If the cancellation of the order arrived to NaturBisu before the order has been shipped then the customer has to pay nothing. But, If the cancellation of the order arrived to NaturBisu After the order has been shipped then the customer has to pay shipping and handling (back and forth) of the delivery.

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